3D Scanning + VR Fusion
Ing. Dragos Ioan Coste – SC VIRTUAL REALITY SRL – www.3Deva.com
3D Scanning + VR Fusion
- over time, our team has performed a series of works which represented premieres at the
respective moments, as follows:
- collaborating with the National Bank of Romania and under the high patronage of the
Romanian Ministry of Culture - we made the first professional 3D scan of an artwork –
the sculpture Wisdom of the Earth by Constantin Brancusi - the 3D model can be
viewed here: https://sketchfab.com/models/b6d1fe4fd6d642378314f757e7d50f85 ( can
rotate, magnify, translate in all axes and from all directions).
- collaborating with the National History Museum of Romania - we created the first
professional 3D scan of the natural size of Trajan's Column - the 3D model can be
viewed here: https://sketchfab.com/models/0508395d070f40b78ce4501490b5ea0a
- under the high patronage of the Italian Embassy in Bucharest - we built the largest
architectural layout of the metropolitan area of Bucharest with approx. dimensions of
3X3 meters, starting from a three-dimensional model fully designed by our company
and executed entirely by us – the 3D model can be viewed
here: https://sketchfab.com/models/a91488b754294ae9ba10b529d416ba3b
- we are collaborating with the Alba-Iulia City Hall to digitize and recreate the Vauban-
Alba Carolina citadel, in honor of the 2018 Centennial Jubilee - Details here:
A Look into the Past
3D scanning has provided insight into
the restoration and preservation of
ancient artifacts and historical
Organizations such as ours - have
been leaders in embracing these new
technologies and pushing the
boundary of application in regards to
what 3D scanning can provide in
respect to restoration, research, and
the education of the general public.
Scope and focus
Our mission is to ensure that Romania’s cultural heritage sites are
available to future generations by creating a massive, free, 3D online
library of the sites before they are lost to time, natural disasters, or
destroyed by negligence and theft.
By using advanced 3D scanning techniques and procedures, combined
with bleeding edge, state of the art gaming engines – we can recreate
the lost world of our ancestors.
The Process
High precision 3D models are harvested using a
blend of photogrammetry and LiDAR scans.
Computations and post-processing are done on
state of the art mainframe servers, achieving
realistic conversion from point-clouds to polygonal
Realistically textured 3D models are then imported
into the world’s most capable game engines,
where they are further refined and optimized.
VR conversion and backgrounds, locomotion
mechanisms and movement logic, alongside
virtual guiding – are all mixed with the artifacts’
metadata to bring back to life our ancient history.
Tourists and specialists together are now able to
explore, visit and study our past, as if they were
back then and there.
Factual datasheet
Back in 2011 - Romania committed itself to digitize
789.000 artifacts and share them via digital
platforms such as Europeana
To date, less than 36.000 have been done
98% of them are 2D photos and sketches
90% of the Romanian heritage sites are
underfunded and in a state of disarray
No pertinent and consistent frameworks or
strategies are in place as of 2018
Cimec.ro looks like a BBS designed in 2000 (which it
probably was)
Help us archive and bring back to life our country’s
cultural and historical heritage.
www.3Deva.com / contact@3deva.com
3D model of Bucharest